Water from the air, at home or in the office

Throw away plastic bottles and clear a space in the fridge – GENNY guarantees fresh drinking water whenever you need it. Just plug in this little air water generator in your home or office to get up to 30 liters of water per day.

GENNY offer a safe, high-quality and trusted source of fresh drinking water, independent of traditional infrastructures and equipped with an advanced air to water filtration set, combined with germicidal UVC lamp.

Together, they serve as a barrier in a wide range of environments, against any harmful or unwanted chemicals and biological contaminants.

Create your own trusted source of drinking water

Fresh drinking water, available consistently all day long, just where you need it.

Unique and innovative technology

Our revolutionary, patented condensation system extracts up to 30 liters of drinking water from the air, daily. Efficient and economical.

Fresh and safe drinking water

Purification and filtration systems combined with UV lamp and low temperature water circulation, ensure clean, safe and tasty drinking water that complies with all international standards.

Compliance with international water purification standards

The technology meets the requirements of ASSE LEC 2004, PA, NSF61, NSF-372 and the Federal Drinking Water Standards.


Plug & Drink

No infrastructure or piping required. All you need to produce up to 22 liters a day is air and electricity.


No need to order ahead and store water at home or office. No need to carry heavy water tanks at office or home.

Environmentally friendly

Generator reduces the need for plastic bottles and water tanks. It offers a solution limiting the transport and storage of water, as well as the carbon footprint.

User friendly support app

Smart mobile app provides easy access to product info, water availability, water production, filters health, maintenance and more.

In your office
In your dining room
In your kitchen


For the first time ever, your GENNY can be located anywhere!

All GENNY needs to start creating drinking water from air is an electrical power supply. There is no need for plumbing infrastructure at all.

Place the device in an airy location with windows, preferably not in a sealed room with no air circulation, to create your own drinking water source.


Water production capacity: Up to 22 liters a day
Integrated water tank with continuous water treatment: 23 liters
Water purification technology: based on the action of UV, mineralization and carbon filter
Water production efficiency: 350Wh / liter
Power: 110/220 VAC, 60/50 Hz
Power consumption: ~ 350 Wh / l nominal; during water heating: ~ 800 Wh / L
Maintenance: once every 6 months, according to the user

How it works

Watch how GENNY creates drinking water from air

Watergen’s built-in blower draws the air from the atmosphere into the GENNY unit. Two sequential air filters eliminate particulates smaller than 2.5 microns, leaving it clean for the water production process.

The air is then directed through the two Genius heat exchange units and the cooling process begins. The humidity from the air is condensed into the water inside the device. The Genius company-patented technology enables the unit to work in a wide range of temperature conditions.

The water created goes through a purification and mineralization process via cascade filters. A UV lamp destroys microorganisms and decomposes harmful chemicals.

Together, purification and mineralization serve as a barrier in a wide range of environments against harmful or unwanted chemicals and biological contaminants.

Water is stored in the reservoir. A cooling system keeps the storage tank below 5 °C, and there is constant circulation of water from the tank through the UV module. Together, these two robust features ensure safe, potable drinking water.

Watergen maintains the highest quality of drinking water by ensuring that its devices, raw materials and water parts comply with NSF 61/42/52 Materials and Safety Requirement standards.

The daily production capacity is up to 22 liters per day, depending on the temperature and humidity levels in its proximity. As shown, there is no need to connect the device to water pipes. All that’s needed is an electric power socket. GENNY can produce cold water, as well as hot drinking water.


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