Water for greenhouses, agriculture, animal watering

Greenhouse plants require systematic irrigation with an appropriate amount of water. Unlike garden crops, these greenhouses are not automatically watered by rainwater. The owners of the greenhouses therefore have to water their plants manually or invest in special irrigation systems. Water is one of the vital components of life, not only for humans, but also for farm animals. Adequate amount of good-quality water to water the animals is crucial when breeding animals, as a shortage of it is much more harmful than a lack of feed. Water generators, in conjunction with automatic irrigation, can be an excellent alternative to providing the right amount of water to people involved in food production and animal husbandry. They are a perfect solution for greenhouse crops, fruit and vegetables or flowers and green plants. They will also help to ensure the proper quality of water for farm animals, ensuring their proper development.

Cities and rural areas

By turning humidity in the atmosphere into water, Watergen’s Atmospheric Generators (AWGs) provide a new, unlimited supply of fresh, high-quality drinking water to meet the water needs of thousands of people every day. In times of water shortage, our green solutions have been designed to become an integral part of the city’s water infrastructure. By facilitating the decentralization of municipal water supply, they eliminate the need to lay and maintain underground pipes, and reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and water tanks. AWGs can provide fresh drinking water to rural areas, small towns and neighborhoods, and GEN-M or GEN-L devices installed in hospitals can save patients’ lives. Being installed within a day, the technology is also ideal for emergencies when local water infrastructure fails, breaks down or when water becomes contaminated.


Commercial enterprises, shopping malls, workplaces, universities and other institutions are increasingly adopting innovative technologies to support and improve their daily operations. Now they can also provide themselves with a safe and independent source of high-quality drinking water.

Installed in the building or on the roof, the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) converts humidity in the air into fresh drinking water that is available on the premises, eliminating the need for plastic bottles or smaller water dispensers in each office. It is an ideal application for factories, business centers, schools and universities.

Quick installation and increased water production capacity make Watergen devices a great choice for outdoor public events, exhibitions and conferences where water infrastructure is not available.

With a full support package provided by our technical team including installation, on-site training and technical service – Watergen is all you need to create a reliable source of fresh drinking water.


Apartments, small businesses and offices

Statistically, each family uses 60 liters of drinking water per month at home, while a 20-person office uses 380 liters of drinking water per month. This puts an enormous strain on drinking water resources, which are becoming scarce.

By creating water from the humidity in the air, Watergen offers the perfect sustainable solution for residential and workplace applications. By installing GEN-M (generating up to 800 liters of water per day) on the roof of a residential building or placing GENNY unit (generating up to 22 liters of water per day) in your home or office, you can create an independent and safe source of high-quality fresh drinking water.

Watergen products remove the dependence on plastic bottled water and water dispensers which not only need to be refilled, but also stored.

Emergencies and natural disasters

Watergen provides a safe solution for short- or long-term sustainable water production in emergency situations and when natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires and droughts occur. Our technology is one of the solutions that adapt to the adverse effects of climate change, it can also coexist with sustainable agriculture, or help to combat the problem of potable water scarcity.


Sports and social events

Numerous sports and social events, tennis tournaments, world championships, soccer matches, marathons, car races, public events and much more are held around the world every single day. In any case, we use thousands of plastic bottles and cups, generating a huge amount of waste.

Fortunately, we are becoming aware of the limitations of water resources and the need for radical changes in the field of environmental protection. The supply of clean drinking water and the reduction of plastic waste are one of the key aspects in protecting our planet.

Watergen devices offer high-quality drinking water that is produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, without the need to use limited resources.

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