We create drinking water from air
because we care

Our team is a group of people passionately involved in nation-wide pro-ecological and pro-health projects, as well as the newest technological solutions.

Populations around the world increasingly struggle to access clean, natural drinking water. This problem also concerns Europe and Poland. Poland is in the group of European countries with low water resources per capita and exposed to water deficit. Moreover, in addition to improper water management, Poland is struggling with more and more frequent extreme weather events, causing significant losses in forestry and agriculture. Due to the increasing climate change, drought severely affects our country, and since 2013, it has annually occurred throughout Poland.

In the face of increasing water demand and rapid climate change, both systemic changes and modern hydrological solutions are needed. We’ve partnered with Watergen to develop a breakthrough technology that produces water from the air safely and efficiently.

Innovative technology draws from the atmosphere and uses the humidity in the air to create clean and fresh drinking water. It provides drinking water wherever you need it – at home, in the office, but also in your manufacturing enterprise, greenhouse, garden or on a farm.

Our water generators come in a range of sizes to suit cities, villages, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, offices, residential buildings, private homes and more. They all produce the safest, cleanest and freshest tasting drinking water, improving the quality of life, and even saving the lives of people around the world.


Watergen Multidisciplinary Team

A team of chemists, biologists, physicists and engineers have combined their broad ranging expertise to power Watergen’s unique technology and make premium drinking water accessible to the world.

Energy-saving and cost-efficient devices

Watergen devices produce 1 liter of water using as little as 0.3 KWH, in a wide climate condition. Operating temperature of 15-40℃ and ≥25%RH

Unique and innovative technology

The revolutionary and patented GENius system extracts water out of the humidity in the air, an unlimited source of water, thus offering a high-quality, easy-to-install and reliable source of fresh drinking water, independent of traditional water supply infrastructure.

Compliance with international water purification standards

Watergen is the first AWG air water generator manufacturer to meet US ASSE LEC 2004 standards. All products comply with EPA, NSF61 and Federal Drinking Water Regulations.

Top-quality drinking water

The air filtration, water purification and mineralization systems installed in each device, combined with a germicidal UVC lamp and low temperature water circulation, ensure clean, safe and tasty drinking water that meets all international standards.

Sustainable environmentally friendly solution

Atmospheric water generators reduce the need for plastic bottles and water tanks. The devices are a solution limiting the transport and storage of water, as well as the carbon footprint.

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